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13-week Tele-Courses

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 Journaling Jems™
Interactive Group Coaching 13-week Tele-courses

 Beginning – Tuesday, February 22, 2011             

Meeting – Every week for 13 consecutive weeks             

Until – Tuesday, May 24, 2011 (No class on March 8, 2011)               

Don’t think you can afford coaching?
Think again!  
  How can a combination of Journaling & Coaching help you reach your goals?  

Find out on this Free Preview Call              

We will talk about              

Why Journal?
Common Mistakes People Make About Journaling
Preview Some of the Topics for the 3 Courses
Help You Decide Which One Would be Best for You           

Find out how to get 13-weeks

of Group Coaching

A $1297 value for just $97


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I am hosting three tele-courses that teach you how to use journaling for business and personal development.              

Do you want to begin the year strongly?             

Do you want to set yourself up for phenomenal success in 2011?                 


Personal development and business skills can be learned through journaling and expert coaching.                 

I know because I did it. I hired my first coach almost 15 years ago. And in the past 10 years I have journaled over 22,000, yes, 22,000 pages. I used this process to help me climb the corporate ladder and then to create my own business…and I have never looked back.                 

Imagine if you knew yourself better and had the skills you needed to achieve the success you desire.                 

How would your life be different?                 

I am looking for 100 people who would like me to teach them.                 

You can hire me one on one to coach you at $300 per hour or…                 

You can get the entire 13 week tele-course which begins on February 22, 2011.                 


Here is what is great about the tele-course.                  

You can participate live or you can participate by watching the recordings of the weekly sessions.                 

You can download the recordings and they can become a permanent part of your training library.                 

To help you get started right away, you will receive a link to download the e-workbook of the Journaling Jems™ of your choice.                 

  • The original Journaling Jems™ – for your personal development

  • or Journaling Jems™ for the Business Professional — this is like a business coach in a box,

  • or the latest — Pursue a Life of Passion & Purpose with Journaling Jems™.

As I mentioned, if I were to coach you one-on-one for 13-weeks at $300 per hour, the cost would be almost $4,000. Even group coaching would normally be almost $1,300.                 

I have an irresistible offer for you. You can register today for the entire 13-week tele-course of your choice for just $97!                 

Yes, you did read that correctly. For $97 I am including the 13-week tele-course of your choice AND the Journaling Jems™ e-workbook!                 

The reason I am doing this is because I want to provide you so much value that you will want to become a client for life.                 

What you can expect in the tele-course is 13 one-hour sessions that are not like a typical tele-seminar, but are interactive group coaching sessions.                 


All YOU have to do is choose!                 

Register Now for Journaling Jems™– for your personal development                 

Original Journal Jems Package

Whether you have been keeping a journal for years or have never had an active journaling practice, this is the course for you.                 

Utilizing the original Journaling Jems™, journaling exercises, group coaching and discussion, you will learn tools and techniques to take your life to the next level.                 



Register Now for Journaling Jems™ for the Business Professional — this is like a business coach in a box.            



Whether you are just starting your business or have been in business for awhile, this is the course for you. Utilizing Journaling Jems™ for the Business Professional, journaling exercises, group coaching and discussion, you will learn tools and techniques to take your business to the next level.    





 Finding your Passion and living your life “on Purpose” is not about waiting for that huge bolt of lightening. It is about learning more about yourself.                

You will have the opportunity to explore your past, look at things from your current point of view, ponder the future and let your imagination flow.     


Utilizing the Passion & Purpose Journaling Jems™, journaling exercises, group coaching and discussion, you will learn tools and techniques to fully explore what makes you tick.      
At just $97 each, feel free to register for more than one.      

During these 13-week tele-course you will receive expert guidance and coaching.                 

These are not just typical tele-seminars where you are in listen only mode. These calls are interactive. Your participation will be encouraged. Our plan is to leverage the shared wisdom of the group.                 

The tele-courses are being held on Tuesdays
beginning on February 22, 2011 and ending on May 17, 2011.    

Remember if you can’t make the live call, you can watch the recordings.                 


 To order now go to:

For the original Journaling Jems™ course


You can choose to attend the 10:30 am PT course OR the 5:00 pm PT course.
Register Today! 


For the Journaling Jems™ for the Business Professional course.

 Register Today     


You can choose to attend the 12:00 noon PT course OR the 6:30 pm PT course.


 For the Passion & Purpose with Journaling Jems™ course.     

Register Today      


You can choose to attend the 9:00 am PT course OR the 8:00 pm PT course.     


Having trouble deciding???
Download a sample of the e-workbooks and take a look at the Jems      

FREE Original Journaling Jems Sample E-Workbook     

 Original Journal Jems Package      


FREE Journaling Jems™ for the Business Professional Sample E-Workbook     

 Journaling Jems for the Business Professional Package      



FREE Passion & Purpose Journaling Jems Sample E-Workbook     

 Passion & Purpose with Journaling Jems Package      

You can also order by calling me at 408-859-PINK (7465). If you get into voice mail, please leave a message and I will call you back as soon as possible.