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Women’s Empowerment & Mentorship

On Friday night, I went to a Women’s Empowerment event in Emeryville, CA.  The speakers were great.  Each one giving tips on being in business.  And all of them mentioned that you need a mentor or coach.

As a business and personal coach, it is sometimes difficult to convince people of the value of partnering with a coach.  Personally, I have had a coach, [sometimes more than one at a time} for more than a decade.

A coach is someone who can give you perspective, hold you accountable, and spur you into action or keep you grounded depending on the need of the moment.

Why a coach, and not a trusted friend?  Often friends make great coaches, but it is a delicate balance.  Friends don’t always want to be pushed by their friends.  Or called on their “stuff”.  Trust me on this one, I know.  Even when a tacit agreement is in place and I’ve put on my coaching hat to assist a friend, it isn’t always accepted with the same heartfelt intention in which it was given.

So, my recommendation……keep your friends, your friends and hire a coach!!


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