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Ugly Duckling or Beautiful Swan

Ugly Duckling or Beautiful Swan?

How do you see yourself?  What do you really feel like on the inside?

Growing up I always felt like the ugly duckling in comparison to my two older sisters.

From the Desiderata –

If you compare yourself with others,

you may become vain or bitter,

for always there will be

greater and lesser persons than yourself.

 Often the message you are conveying to the outside world starts with what you are thinking about yourself.

How you do you perceive yourself?  Do you feel confident?  Competent? Beautiful?

Sometimes others can help us to see ourselves differently.

I recently connected with a classmate who went to the same school I did in Germany.  One of four high schools I attended in three different countries.

I didn’t really know him well, but we started sharing some of our experiences from that time.

I was a “dormie”.  My dad was in the Air Force and stationed on a base that did not have a high school.  So we boarded a bus every Sunday afternoon for the long drive to school.  Then on Friday after school we boarded the same bus to go home for the weekend.

During the week we stayed in the dorms.  I remember feeling like a bit of an outsider with the other kids at school.  We didn’t get to participate in a lot of after school activities, particularly any that took place at the weekends.  The dorms were closed and we weren’t there.  No dances or football games for us.

But my old classmate commented that the “dormies” were an “elite gang”.  What a different perspective.  And after all these years I started reflecting on this a bit differently.

I certainly had some very close friends – mostly other “dormies”.  And it was a unique and empowering experience to be away from home starting in my freshman year of high school.

How are your perceptions of yourself different from how others see you?

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