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Trail Running & Life Part II


5 More Ways Trail Running is Like Life!!

  1. Breathe – Of course, breathing is always good. While Trail Running you can get great gobs of fresh air and even when stuck at work – take a moment to take a few deep breaths and see how much better you feel.
  2. Push Yourself – Like I mentioned last month, sometimes I push myself to “conquer the hill”, I try to beat my personal best on a trail. In life sometimes you have to push yourself outside your comfort zone, do the things that scare you. This is where having a coach is very helpful and can help you push through the fear.
  3. Be Patient With Yourself – As well as pushing yourself, you also need to be patient and gentle with yourself. If the hill is a slog one day, I just cut myself some slack. I get through it and accept that I am not going to break any records, but congratulate myself for pushing through. You can do the same in life. I often remind my clients to treat themselves as if they were their own best friend. It really helps to counteract that loud inner critic that pops up.
  4. Watch Your Step – Obviously, in Trail Running, the trail varies and you have to watch where you are stepping. For instance, the trail I run, is also inhabited occasionally by mobile mooers – a.k.a. cows!!! So you, really need to watch your step – and look out for the cow patties!!! You don’t want to step in…. anything…. in life, either, so sometimes you need to tread carefully. But don’t let it keep you from moving forward and taking small steps towards your goals.
  5. Have Fun! – This is always my motto, which is probably why I love trail running, it is more fun for me, than hitting a treadmill in a gym. In life, ask how can I do this and have fun doing it? For instance, I can sit outside with my laptop and work sometimes. Or, is there a way I can treat myself to some fun after I have completed this task – if there really is no way to have fun doing it.

Hope you enjoyed these tips on Trail Running and Life.

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