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Trail Running & Life Part I


5 Ways Trail Running is Like Life!

Trail running has been one of my favorite exercises for a long time. Now it is sometimes more walking than running depending on how my body feels. On a solo run / walk on the hills a couple of weeks ago, I began thinking that there are things about Trail Running that also apply to life.

  1. Stay Present – When Trail Running, it is important to be in the moment and be in your body and not in your head. This is even more important with Trail Running than Road Running, since the terrain can be challenging at times. And is also good advice for life. We can easily miss awesome moments, if we are focused on what happened in the past or what we need to do in the future.
  2. Be Flexible – I’m lucky that physically, I am naturally flexible. My ankles will bend if I step weird on a rock or something. Being flexible in life is important, too. Sometimes, the route or path we set out on, has to change as events or other things change. As we gain more knowledge and realize that a slight detour would be better.
  3. Be Adaptable – In Trail Running you have to adapt to the terrain, uphill or downhill, squishy or even cows on your path. In life you often have to adapt to changes that are out of your control. The sooner you can accept the changes and make decisions and choices to move forward in spite of the changes, the more likely you are to succeed.
  4. Vary Your Pace – when I run / walk the trails and hills, I like to mix it up. I like to run down hills with gravity on my side, unless they feel too steep and treacherous. But sometimes I also like to “conquer the hill” and run up the hills or at least part of the hill – if it is really, really steep. It’s good to pace yourself in life, too. Sometimes we run full out, but other times, we should spend time contemplating our next steps and slowing down a bit.
  5. Relax – Believe it or not running can be relaxing and running relaxed is easier on your muscles and joints – at least it feels that way for me. And in life, we sometimes don’t take enough time to just relax. Even if you have to schedule downtime, be sure to do it!

Stay tuned next month for Part II and 5 More Ways Trail Running is Like Life!

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