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There Is An App For That

There’s an App for That!!

Your phone can be more than just for taking pictures of your food.

There are lots of great apps out there to help you with your goals.

Here are just a few that I have discovered.

Want to lose weight? Get or stay healthy?

Check out Runkeeper to track your workout and MyFitnessPal to track your food intake. The cool thing is that MyFitnessPal gets information from Runkeeper and when you work out, you get extra calories added to your daily allowance.

Want to learn a language?

Check out Duolingo and TinyCards  – Both fun, easy apps. Duolingo will send you reminders and you can set a goal for each day and it tracks how many days in a row you completed your goal. TinyCards covers the same lessons, but in a different format – flashcards for refreshing your memory and knowledge of the vocabulary.

TinyCards has other topics, too. Not just languages.

Want to get more organized? Or just like to make lists?

Try Wunderlist. I use if for my grocery list, saves time. When I see I am running low on something, I can add it to my list. And for things I buy all the time – I have the list organized by store. Saves money, too because I am less likely to buy things that are not on my list or forget things and have to make multiple trips to the store.

I also use it to list Movies, Authors, Books, etc. And, you can even create a list for the actions you need to take to accomplish a goal.

Focusing on Finances?

You probably want to make more, spend less and save more. I find that having apps for my different bank accounts and credit cards allows me to pay more attention to things. They can also help you watch out for fraud or identity theft by setting alerts for transactions that hit your account. You will know immediately if you have used your debit or credit card, and if not, get in touch with your bank immediately.

Not Forgetting Philanthropy

Maybe you can’t volunteer for your favorite charity or even donate as much as you would like. Check out Charity Miles. You set it every time you go for a walk, run, hike or even a bike ride. You can select any charity they list – like Stand Up To Cancer, ASPCA, Feeding America, St. Jude’s and lots more. It tracks your distance and their sponsors then make a donation for every mile. Cool, right?

Those are just some of the apps that can help you achieve your goals.

What are your favorite apps?

Share your thoughts and ideas below.

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