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Branding “U”

I love Judy’s workshops.  With each one I attend I have had an A-HA that has given me clarity in what I’m doing.  Judy’s workshops are always lots of fun. – L.A.

The Branding “U” workshop was exactly what I needed to narrow the focus of my business.  It allowed me to consider all the great ideas I have to offer and create my niche – the customers I can best help & look forward to working with. – S.G.

Judy has a wonderful presentation and ease with her clients.  She gets people to explore & think outside of their comfort zone.  Excellent class. – A.S.

It’s been a pleasure participating in your workshops.  They & you have been very insightful & valuable.  I love your air of casualness, mixed with professionalism, & powerful results.  It’s a great mix. – J.B.

What a fabulously positive experience created with such energy, insight & inspiration to take myself & business to the next level. – V.W.

I have been floundering in how to put myself into action.  This workshop was great.  I created clarity, got specifics in how to market and developed an action plan.  – M.X.

Judy has a unique way of helping people gain insight that is perfect for them where they are now.  It makes taking the next step easy. – P.L.

Judy is relaxed, yet challenges us.  She keeps it light & fun. – L.S.

Judy has inspired me to start the process of self discovery!  I look forward to the rest of my life. – S.A.

The 16 marketing techniques are great, and practicing them really helped to solidify the purpose and details. – Anon

Confident Communication

What a delight to be in Judy’s workshop! Her energy, insightfulness and demeanor are incredible.  Because you want to “be the person you are deep inside” you will want to take this class.  – G.W.

I had the pleasure of attending Judy Peebles’ Communication workshop Saturday. I was amazed at how informative and enlightening the workshop was! I say this because I never journaled in my life.  I learned a lot, and signed up for another workshop of hers. I am excited to see how journaling can help me achieve my personal and business goals.  Please consider attending one of her workshops in the future.  I do believe there IS power in the pen.  Jeanine Brown, Jeanine Brown Photo Design

Super group of people experimenting with communication skills.  Some new techniques led to easier rapport with wider audience. – J.S.

Create Your Vision Board

Creating my Vision Board was fun! I enjoyed the introspective exercises we did and think they helped me get in touch with my vision on an emotional level.  ~ C.R.

Judy is an amazing coach, allowing each student to grown at their own pace.  This requires talent and intuition.  Happy to refer Judy.  She is a genius who keeps growing herself and teaching, allowing her students to experience miracles.  When the student is ready, professor Judy appears. ~ C.N.

I think the workshop really helped you visualize your goals and helped you put them down on a vision board.  – S.G.

It was awesome to see Judy’s vision boards.  She gave us a lot of time to write down our feelings.  She provided lots of magazine to use for our vision boards & the closing was so unique it really made me believe I can do it.  – E.L.

Focus on Financials

This was one of the most fun days of looking at financials while being productive. – M.A.

Always enjoy getting clarity! – K.

Galvanize Your Goals

A warm and relaxing place to learn and express.  I highly recommend!  ~ J.D.

The workshop helped me clarify my goals.  The dream [D.R.E.A.M.S.] model challenged me to set goals that were a stretch and motivating. ~ Anon

What a fun workshop!  Powerful content and an extraordinary group of women you attracted!   ~ L.M.

This was probably the best workshop of Judy’s I’ve been to.  Good focus and interaction.  Loved it. ~ J.S.

Judy creates a warm & safe place to share, discover & learn.  The content was superb & walked away motivated & inspired.  ~ L.S


Judy’s workshops are fun, relaxing, and yet hidden truths emerge in the midst of laughter, chocolate, games and, yes, journaling. If you haven’t treated yourself so these intimate and wonderfully effective workshops — get with it. It’s never too late to discover some new truths about yourself and move forward with purpose and confidence!  I’ve done four of them, and will probably do four more! See you there!  Joan Banks Stutes

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Judy Peebles. I have known her for over eight years. My relationship with Judy has gone from being a co-worker to being an advisor and a personal development coach.

Judy has always displayed a high degree of intellect, integrity, and an ability to guide people to in finding their true ambitions. Call it a combination of life lessons, acquired knowledge, and a heartfelt caring for all that she meets, Judy has a natural way of guiding others to realizing their inner potential. She is one of the few people that I have ever been able to be completely honest with and put 100% of my trust in.

I have worked with Judy in many aspects of life, from my career, to personal development, to performance based visualization. Judy’s help can be as simple as providing a list of ideas to reflect and journal on, or as deep as hypnotherapy for high pressure situations like job interviews or competitive sports. What ever it maybe, Judy’s help has allowed me to dream larger than I had before and achieve more than I though was possible.

Judy would be an asset to any organization, and I am happy to give her my wholehearted endorsement.  ~ AC

My name is Timothy Dunphy and I am the founder of Chi-Aura Integration. I have hired Judy Peebles on two occasions to give presentations at my workshops in San Jose, California. I personally teach in the USA as well as in Europe.

Ms. Peebles delivers a dynamic presentation filled with useful information, open hearted connection to her audience, a sincere desire to assist them with the process of their life, and compassionate humor in answering questions and providing useful tools for personal transformation.

I highly recommend her as a speaker. If you have any questions, please contact me at 831-722-7010 or by email at

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“I’m so pragmatic & down to earth, I didn’t think I’d learn very much, but boy was I wrong.  I learned the value of journaling and playing and focusing on me for a change.” ~ MG

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Before I started working with Judy as my coach, I was at a crossroads in my professional career.  I had spent years as a manager in the corporate industry and wanted to establish myself as an independent consultant and leadership coach.  I was spinning my wheels attempting to define my niche and communicating it in a way that was simple and effective.   I knew a coach would push me to develop my potential.  I also knew it had to be an executive coach that would not let me get in my own way nor be overly impressed with my previous accomplishments.  Then I met Judy and the first thing she coached me on was refining my niche, and helping developing the language to communicate to my target market.

Being coached by Judy keeps me focused on my goals.  She helps me clarify my thoughts and direction, holds me accountable, and is my biggest fan.  She encourages and challenges me to not only think out of the box but also expand the box of my thinking.

As a coach myself, I greatly admire her knowledge and the wealth of resources she brings to the table.


Stephanie Y. Oden
LiveWire Consulting Group

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Judy is phenomenal!  She is a brilliant coach and I love her holistic approach.  Judy is a master of various coaching methodologies.

Judy inspires me to pursue my goal to be the World’s Best Pet Photographer.  My career is soaring to new heights because Judy translates business concepts into easy tasks which expands my business.  Together, we generate creative ideas to expand my vision and contribution to the world.

A key to my happiness has been to celebrate my successes with Judy — we recently celebrated my work in O, Oprah’s Magazine.  What I focus on expands — now I feel even more joy and passion.

I am deeply grateful for Judy being in my life.  She is extraordinary and her approach is FUN!

Lori A. Cheung

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I am a strong believer in, and ardent proponent of journaling. Judy is the best person to articulate just why you should journal for both personal and business purposes.

One of the most famous journals in the world is that written by Anne Frank. Imagine how history would look if this diary didn’t exist! As she put it, “When I write, I can shake off all my cares.”

Judy teaches you how to capture the events and people that matter to you, and by re-reading your journal regularly you can understand and remember things that are very important in your life. Thank you Judy!

Denise Griffitts – Virtual Assistance Industry Expert
Your Virtual Assistant
Your Office On The Web

Handle the Holidays

“Testimonial: Y Journal?  Just Ask Judy Peebles  – I have not journaled since I was a freshman in high school. A loooong  time ago!  My thoughts were, “”what? why? and when was I going to find the time for extra work””?!! So when Judy would hand me a flier, I would politely take Judy’s fliers and then tell her “”thank you, I’ll think about it””.   One day while I was putting my flier away, Judy mentioned something that struck a cord with me. She told me that sometimes journaling can help us stay focused on what we want to accomplish during the holidays stopping us from enjoying the time. We can end up just feeling overwhelmed.  Wow!! That was how I felt every holiday! You mean I can change it??!! Time management wasn’t working, so I thought it was just the way it had to be.  Needless to say, I took her class. There is so much more to journaling than I realized! Judy provides a safe, comfortable place with gentle guidance to help explore while journaling. Nothing foo, foo or woo, woo about it. It is a simple, basic yet powerful tool! Judy has a great encouraging way of teaching “”the power of the pen””. The Journaling Jenius is offering another class December 27th. It will be a great way to end and start a year! I highly recommend that you give yourself,your family and your business this powerful gift!”  Julie Adiutori  JewelSexpression

Judy creates a safe place to share problems & an open mind to discover solutions. ~ L.S.

May Magnificence

Judy’s workshops are always well organized and insightful.  She is a master at teaching concepts, while making them fun and relevant to your life. – S.S.

Money Matters

Great Fun.  Enlightening. ~ L.S.

Judy runs a fun and informative workshop.  She creates a great atmosphere where everyone can feel comfortable and get great benefit. ~ L.A.

Self improvement can be accomplished with laughter.  Self exploration need not be self abuse.  I got more out of Money Matters than I did from a 14-hour day long seminar. – N.B.

The gentle consistent way Judy guides us to explore is so very helpful.  The Money Matters [workshop] was fun along with being very helpful. – J.A.

It’s amazing how much I learned about myself in this non-threatening environment.  Enables me to move forward to my goals with confidence.  – J.S.

Judy has a way of bringing people together and creating a safe and supportive space to work out things that may be holding you back.  She is genuine and generous in sharing her gift with others. – V. L.

Judy is a very smart, savvy and interesting person.  She is sensitive to your needs as she addresses your issues.  She is well organized and positive. – K.M.

Playful nature of workshop made confronting money issues easy and comfortable, yet productive! – J.S.

Thanks for a wonderful, rainy Sunday.  Learning through journaling!  Abundance in thought is easy to manifest with Judy’s tools.  – L. J.

Judy is focused on the purpose of each workshop and also creates flexibility for each person on how they process individually. – Pamelah

I thought it might be stuffy & people reluctant to share, but everyone was open, enthusiastic & co-operative.  The way the exercises conducted  were conducted allowed people to be specific to themselves & open to the group. – J.S.

The workshop was very well organized and prepared.  I felt warmly welcomed.  It was friendly, intuitive and fun. – Martine

Passion & Purpose

“Judy’s workshops really help you ‘see’ what you don’t see in yourself because of the ‘stuff’ we deal with every day. She has an innate ability to gently lead you into the insights that help you get unstuck and find the answers you are looking for.”

Judy, thank you so much. I experienced a major “shift” from the workshop and have ALREADY made big strides in my business just from some of the actions I’ve taken. You rock!  ~ Yvonne Ohumukini Urness

A great seminar for anyone who is trying to find their way again.  It’s very thoughtful and thought provoking. – Monica Lipscomb

A truly great way to look at yourself to jump start your life in a new direction, done in a very supportive & encouraging environment. – Kathi Cohen

Fun & Productive. – J.S.

Selling is NOT a Dirty Word

This seminar was “out of the box” unlike traditional sales seminars. Working with Judy was a real pleasure. – A.C.

Judy’s workshops are well organized and information dense.  Especially love the group interaction which is about 50% of the day. – L.S.

This is a fun, informative workshop.  The time just flew by.  I learned a great deal and made some amazing business contacts. – L.W.

Judy made it very clear and easy how to lose the fear of rejection by implementing questioning tools to the objection process.  – A.S.

I’d love to take another workshop with Judy.  She is very passionate about the work she does and has a broad knowledge base that she draws upon enthusiastically.  – SB

Six Thinking Hats® Plus One

Great, valuable learning experience in a relaxed, fun atmosphere. ~ H.V.

Judy is a fantastic presenter and educator. I attended her Six Thinking Hats® Plus One” workshop and had a great time while gaining new insight about how to market my business more effectively. She made the material easy to understand, kept it lively, and even plied our creativity with chocolate!  The workshop was highly interactive, with each participant getting the chance to analyze their own marketing efforts. I have taken similar classes in the past, but usually had to apply the concepts to my business on my own at some later point. Judy gave each student the opportunity to discuss and give/receive feedback right there in real time.   Not just for individuals, this would be a fantastic class for groups of any kind to improve both understanding and communication. Combining humor, music, and a lively pink presence, Judy got me to think about how my messages are perceived by others in new ways. Now I can tailor my marketing so that I can broaden my client base and grow my business. Thanks, Judy! I’m looking forward to attending other workshops of yours in the future.”  Tracy C Scott

For Judy, pink is the word! I attended one of her business-building workshops called “Six Thinking Hats® Plus One” and had a great time while learning valuable information. The class design allowed for lots of interaction among the participants as Judy creatively explained Edward de Bono’s method of understanding and communicating effective marketing messages. Through discussion, journaling exercises and a touch of music, she introduced the qualities behind hats of six different colors (and added her own pink hat). Judy went on to explain that messages are interpreted very differently by each personality type. Now that I have a method for analyzing my marketing messages, I can tailor the content to reach more potential clients. I never thought a business seminar could be this much fun. Thanks for the great tips Judy, and the delicious chocolates! – Anon

The Six Thinking Hats opened my eyes to what’s holding me back from growing my business.  I learned that making decisions after considering all of the hats is the foundation for a fulfilling and financially rewarding business.  The time we spent brainstorming and applying the six hats to our business was invaluable.  Thank you Judy!  Shannon D. Silva

Judy has inventive and fun ways to share new ways to journal.  I learned wonderful options to jump start my writing. – Mary