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Take the Leap 2016

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Take the Leap

 Today is Leap Day. February 29th. That “extra” day that only happens every four years. First, I have to say Happy Anniversary to my daughter, Lyndsey and her husband, Antony who are celebrating their first anniversary. They were married on Leap Day four years ago. Cool, right?!

 What are you going to do with your “extra” day this year?

Yes, I know it’s a Monday, so you are probably going to work or having a normal workday in your business, but think of what you could do if you Take the Leap.

Most coaches will ask you where you want to be, what do you want to be doing five years from now. But how about thinking about Leap Day, where do you want to be on Leap Day in 2020? (By the way, it’s a Saturday.) What do you want to begin to create in the next four years?

It all starts with that first step. Don’t let fear of failure stop you from taking that first step. And the next, and the next.

“Do not be embarrassed by your failures, learn from them and start again.”

~ Richard Branson

And don’t let your hidden beliefs get in your way. Dreams take courage and money. Some of our biggest stumbling blocks are often our internal conversations in our head. And often these conversations are in our unconscious minds and we are not even aware of them.

Join me for a live webinar or listen to a recorded session to learn about tools to help you change your unconscious beliefs.

Take the Leap and move towards 2020 with Confidence & Courage.

 Share your comments below. Including your goals, dreams and plans for the next four years and beyond.

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