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Journaling Jems™ – “Stuff” on Your Plate

“Stuff” on Your Plate – Feeling overwhelmed?  Create a mindmap of everything that’s on your mind.  Start in the middle of the page with the word “STUFF”. Then branch out like limbs on a tree and capture all the different areas where you have “stuff”…. to do, worry about, create, think about……


This exercise can help you get out of overwhelm just by getting it all out on paper.  Once you have done the exercise you may choose to just put it away and forget about it.  You may be surprised when you come across it again how many things have been taken care of, or are no longer important.


Another option is to use this list to prioritize what IS important.  Then select one thing that you can tackle right now – even if it is just one small simple action.  It gets you into motion.  Once that is completed, select another item, then another and so on.


I think you will be very surprised how quickly you feel less overwhelmed, more motivated and much more productive.


Let me know how it works for you.

8 Responses to “Journaling Jems™ – “Stuff” on Your Plate”

  1. I like this, letting it all out so that you can ’empty’ and let it take care of itself.

  2. Yes it all starts with that first little step into motion and then step two can follow, but without that first small step no other steps can be taken and we have to think about “getting started”, once we are started all we have to do is keep in motion. Thanks Judy

  3. Oh, Judy! I so needed this right now! I am going to take some time and try this out today.

  4. Help! I need a bigger piece of paper!
    Not really, but sometimes it can feel that way. I like the idea of dumping it all out on the table like this. Even better I like sticking the whole thing in a drawer afterward. As you say, it can be pretty amazing to look at it later to see what was and wasn’t important.

  5. Judy Peebles says:

    I can so relate to needing a bigger piece of paper. I did this a year or so ago and did two separate mindmaps – one for personal “stuff” and one for business. I sat back and looked at all of it and thought – “Wow, no wonder I’m overwhelmed!”. And I love coming across these months later and realizing how much has been accomplished or is no longer important.

  6. Judy Peebles says:

    Great, Deanna. Let me know how it goes.

  7. Judy, I love the fact that you just reminded me of the fact that you be creative while dumping your ideas… branching out! Thank you for the reminder!

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