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Stride Into Summer 2015

Stride Into SummerSix Steps to Stride Into Summer

  1. Kick off your heels
  2. Get a pedicure
  3. Grab those strappy sandals or flip flops
  4. Write down what you want to this summer
  5. Pick a theme word for the summer
  6. Take action

Summer is almost here. And before we blink, it will be Autumn – aka Fall!

Take a few moments to plan and prepare to create the vision of your summer before it arrives.

  1. Kick off your heels – Of course, you can still wear heels during the summer. But it tends to be a more relaxed time. With more leisure time spent outdoors. Be sure to wear sunscreen.
  2. Get a pedicure – While you are getting your pedicure, sit back, relax and imagine your favorite summer activities – things you have enjoyed in the past, and maybe some new things you want to do, or places you want to visit.
  3. Grab those strappy sandals or flip flops – Now that your feet are all spruced up for the summer, feel free to don those strappy sandals, high heeled or flats, or your favorite pair of flip flops.
  4. Write down what you want this summer – This might remind you of those essays you had to write at the beginning of the school year about what you did during your summer vacation. But in this case you are writing it in advance as you imagine it will be. Start a sentence with … It is now September 1st 2015 and this summer I……. And just keep your pen moving. Write what you would like to have done and accomplished this summer. People and places you would like to have seen. Skills you would like to have learned. Ways you had fun and relaxed.
  5. Pick a theme word for the summer – Based on what you wrote, what is the overall theme for you this summer. Some suggestions – Fun, Adventure, Connection, Health, Travel, Excitement, Advancement, Family & Friends.
  6. Take action – Based on what you visualized, what is one step you can take today to Stride into Summer? If you are planning a trip, perhaps the first step is research. Checking your calendar at work and for the family and planning dates and days for the activities you want to do. Starting a new health plan and taking advantage of the summer weather to be more active.

Let me know what your theme and plans for this summer. I would love to hear from you, please comment below.

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