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Do you work well under pressure?  I know I do.  Sometimes I need that sense of urgency or the pressure of a deadline to focus and get things done.

I am often surprised at how much I can get done in a short amount of time especially when facing an imminent deadline.

“Pressure makes diamonds.”

~ General George S. Patton – World War I and II

So here are a couple of ways you can trick yourself.

  1. Imagine you are going on vacation tomorrow for a month.  What do you absolutely have to get done today?  Things that cannot be put off for a month and that no one else can do but you.  This is a great way to prioritize your tasks.
  2. Need to clean your house?  Imagine someone just called to say they were dropping by for a visit in 15 minutes.  You can then do all the absolutely critical tasks to tidy up for 15 minutes.  Need more time?  Pretend they called and said they got lost and will be at least another 15 minutes.  Then go at it again!!

What techniques do you use to prioritize and focus?


Judy Peebles, Creator of The Journaling Jenius™,  Journaling Jems™ and The Knowledge Series.

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One Response to “Pressure”

  1. This is pretty clever Judy, and amusing. I have never imagined a pressure situation to get work done. What works for me is to use a timer. The pressure of knowing the alarm is about to ring gets me focused. Maybe I need to try this imagination game.

    Jennifer Duchene
    Home Makeover Mixtress

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