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In the movie Last Holiday Queen Latifah’s character creates a book labeled – “POSSIBILITIES” – that is filled with images of places she wants to visit and the life she dreams of – one day.

In The Secret John Assaraf tells his story of finding that he has moved into the house that he put on his vision board five years earlier.  Not a house like the one on the vision board, but the actual house.

“Making a vision board helps you attract into your life things that you

want to have, to experience, to achieve, or to become..”

~ John Assaraf

Part of the process of creating a vision board is getting clear on what you want and then finding images and/or words that represent that vision.

But you can also take some time to just flip through magazines and see what jumps out at you.

For instance, one attendee at a recent workshop was attracted to pictures representing brides and marriage.  Prior to the workshop, she really hadn’t been thinking that she wanted to get married, but through the process we went through that day, she discovered that she did want to find that special someone and get married.

Making a vision board by yourself is fun and effective, getting together with others and having a fun day (or two) is lots of fun.  You can even help each other find images.

You can also make a virtual vision board, although this doesn’t allow for surprises to pop in.  But you can gather online images and paste them into a document.  One of my clients did this in her birthday month and has already seen many of visions come to fruition, including her dream car in her driveway.

Getting clarity on your dreams and creating a physical representation of them, is a very powerful process.  I highly encourage everyone to create a vision board.  I do one at least once a year.

The possibilities are endless.

Have you created a vision board?  What did you put on it?  What results have you had?

Judy Peebles, Creator of The Journaling Jenius™,  Journaling Jems™ and The Knowledge Series.

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4 Responses to “Possibilities”

  1. Fay Jones says:

    I’ve been having a particularly challenging day and was just praying for some guidance to help keep me on track with bringing my vision to the world…I believe you’ve just answered a prayer! Thank you so much. I’m going to start my vision board tonight.

  2. Judy Peebles says:

    That’s awesome, Fay. Have fun and feel free to send me a picture when it’s finished.

  3. Judy Peebles says:

    Part of my vision board last year was about health and weight loss and I have lost 35 lbs so far this year.

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