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Let Freedom Ring

Let Freedom Ring!!

I know in our current political climate that using an image of a Bald Eagle, an American flag and The Constitution, might bring about an unprovoked political discussion. But no politics here, just proud to be an American.

“Laughter is America’s most important export.”

~ Walt Disney

And as we celebrate our Independence Day this month, I just wanted to share my thoughts and memories of Summer and especially, July.

July has always been one of my favorite months, maybe because it’s my birthday month and as a kid, of course, it was summer vacation. Having a birthday near Independence Day I was frequently spoiled by celebrating my birthday with 4th of July fireworks.

There were the summers when we weren’t overseas and were able to celebrate with our extended family. This included barbecues and ginormous watermelons chilled in bright shiny metal trash cans dedicated solely for that purpose. Oh, and anticipating the taste of that homemade ice cream as we took turns cranking until our tired little arms could do no more.

I remember summer days on the lake with air mattresses and inner tubes. Trips home including a stop at the local deli to get a selection of cold cuts, cheeses and fresh bread to be spread out on the kitchen table and feasted upon with our summer filled day enhanced appetites.

Camping whether in the rain in Europe or on the mosquito ridden East Coast and how food always seemed to taste better when you were outside.

Ahhhh, summer!!

I have lived abroad and having experienced other countries, there really is something special about America, the American dream, and the belief that anything is possible here.

Regardless of our differences, I love the great diversity here. That is what America is all about for me.

And especially here in California, this weird, wild and wonderful state that I have made my home. When I first moved here, after living in Europe, England and the East Coast for most of my life, I thought I would give it a year. And it is hard to believe that next year I will have been here 30 years. The longest I have lived anywhere, my entire life.

July is a good time to watch all those patriotic movies.

Some of mine are – Air Force One, American President, Independence Day, National Treasure, White House Down, and Top Gun.

What are yours?

Let me know in the comments below – what you love about Summer or your favorite patriotic movies.

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