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JetStream Coffee

Where will the JetStream take you today?


In this high intensity world, sometimes you just need to sit back, relax and have a refreshing beverage. And maybe grab your journal and pen and think about where you would like the Jetstream to take you.

If you’re a coffee lover, you have to check out this new brand – JetStream Coffee.

JetStream Coffee’s freshly roasted whole beans are now available on Amazon in three varieties:

Dark Roast Certified Fair Trade Organic

Light Roast Certified Fair Trade Organic

Espresso Dark Roast

Sue Ballew, the Founder of JetStream Coffee has been a full -time independent Flight Instructor in the San Francisco Bay Area for almost 10 years.

Since her first trip to Europe in the ‘80s, Sue has enjoyed and appreciated great coffee, especially espresso.  With an eye always open for a new venture and a desire to expand her entrepreneurship, Jetstream Coffee was born, inspired by her passion for flying and aviation, travel, and a great cup of coffee.  With a tagline of “Where will the JetStream take You today?”, she hopes to inspire people to dream about flying to far-away places while they are savoring a delicious cup of JetStream Coffee.

Be one of the first to purchase the latest brand of coffee. To launch this exciting new brand, we are offering the first 30 customers a 50% discount*.


Go to


Now and order using this exclusive code:  WNM65TBA to get the discount.

 *Amazon will no longer allow us to make this offer in exchange for a review on Amazon.  But if you LOVE our JetStream Coffee, we would very much appreciate it if you would leave a review.


You can also check out the website

for Jetstream t-shirts, polos, and mugs.

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