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Happy Holidays 2016


Happy Holidays!!

Wherever you are in the world, whichever holiday you choose to celebrate, be sure to do just that – Celebrate! Create your own holiday rituals. Take time with family and friends and even some time to yourself.

If you find yourself caught up in the pressures and stress of the season, take a moment to just breathe and enjoy what is around you.

Smile at passersby. And maybe they will smile back. Do something nice for someone else. Give your time to something that warms your heart.

Make a list. Make lots of lists. Or create a mindmap. What do you want to create in the coming year? How do you want to spend you time? Who do you want to spend more time with? Where would you like to go? What is really important to you?

You’ve had another trip around the sun this year. Look back with delight and never with regret. Resolve to accept the things you cannot change. Change the things you can.  Be grateful.

I hope that 2016 has been kind to you and that 2017 will bring you joy and happiness.

How will you celebrate this holiday season?

Share your thoughts and ideas below.

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