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Footie Pajamas

Footie Pajamas

When you were little, maybe you wore footie pajamas.

Whether or not you did, what are your comforts today?

Or what could they be? For example, a beautiful pashmina or cashmere throw or scarf.

Make a list.

We all need “mothering” at times and as we grow up, we need to learn how to mother ourselves, especially if your mother has passed away which no matter how old you are can be tough to handle.

Physical comforts are important to our inner child. And sometimes we just need a nap. Or occasionally, our favorite comfort foods.

What can you do today to take care of yourself? Your needs?

Go to the link below and share your list.


This is one of the writing exercises in the Pursue a Life of Passion & Purpose ebook. Others included are – When I grow up, I’m going to be…. and Comfort Foods.

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