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The Journaling Jenius™ reveals loads of favorites: books, movies, and lots of wonderful links.
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Divalicious StylesCreating decadent ladies night out events that celebrate the inner goddess. Divalicious Styles was born out of one career-minded, professional woman’s simple desire to have fun with other career-oriented, extraordinary Divas! Life for today’s woman is filled with challenges that men will likely never understand. Striking that critical balance between work, family, and your personal health requires sacrifice and compromise. In achieving that balance, typically the first thing we surrender is “play time”, but why? If the boys can have fun, then we can too!

High-quality printing, whenever you need it.Bucks Digital Printing – Bucks Digital Printing is a Newtown, PA based commercial printer, specializing in digital on-demand production , management, and fulfillment for conventional, variable and large format projects. To learn more about us, browse through our Company Information section.

JewelSexpressionJewelSexpression – Specializing in “Girl’s Night out” & Shoe Parties. Come join us for a few hours of laughter and an exploration of your inner self! Our classes offer several levels of instruction on seductive, sensual and exotic dancing, without exposing any parts of our bodies.

Steve Heckman QuartetJournaling to Jazz – I use all kinds of music in my workshops, teleseminars and for my own personal journaling practice.  Jazz can be very good for creativity and inspiration.  Steve Heckman, is a friend of mine, and if you’ve been on one of my teleseminars, you probably heard his music!

Judy Peebles

A concept and service that is changing people’s lives.

You can send a printed greeting card with your message in Less than 60 Seconds.

• Choose your card

• Write your message

• Click send

prints it, stuffs it and mails it, all for less than a greeting card at the store.

Get Organized and More
Overwhelmed by paper, clutter and stuff? How is clutter affecting your life? Clutter is created when there is no home for the item, due to unfinished business or procrastination. Piles or layers of stuff drain our energy and rob us of the joy of today. Get Organized and make time for the important things in your life!


    NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) Member
    Served as Board Member with the SFBA Chapter Group for 2 years
    Chamber of Commerce Member
    CA Business License
    Insured and Bonded
    Referrals available upon request

Get Organized and make time for the important things in your life!

Vicky Lara, Mary Kay Independent Beauty ConsultantMary Kay Cosmetics Vicky Lara, Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant. Find how starting a Mary Kay business can make your life more beautiful in some meaningful way. So why wait another minute? Find out how one of the world’s most successful direct selling companies can help you start writing your own success story now.

Lone Star Transportation Founded in 2003, Lone Star Transportation is a family-owned and operated company that is based upon the belief that the best service is full service.

Alex and Jennifer Jaciw
Since his early days in transportation management, Alex Jaciw believed that it was not good enough to merely meet a customer’s needs… he thought that a service based
company should exceed the needs of each customer. When he left to open his own business, one of his clients lamented, “Alex, what will we do without you? You were our lone star!” This phrase became the name of the company.

Jennifer Jaciw is a highly respected member of the transportation industry. Her extensive background spans 20 years and includes employment at the finest charter bus companies in the Bay Area. She lends her expertise in customer service and detail to ensure each client receives the level of service they expect and deserve.

The Pet Photographer
The Pet Photographer

Lori A. Cheung established The Pet Photographer and The Portrait  Photographer when her family and friends encouraged her to follow her passion. Her mission is to create inspiring art and to help make this a better world by contributing to her community.

As a pet photographer, Lori views it as an honor to capture the boundless love and spirit of her clients’ dogs, cats, horses, bunnies, guinea pigs, mice, geckos, turtles, tortoises, fish, and boa constrictors. An everyday moment may transform into an extraordinary one when viewed through Lori’s “third eye,” her camera lens. Lori’s approach is candid, playful and energetic. Her vision and intuition creates  portraits that illuminate the soul, capturing the magic and inner sparkle of each subject.


Chi-Aura Integration (Chi-A) is a pioneering method of energy medicine which has been evolving since March of 1987. The practitioner uses his/her entire body as a “vehicle of Light” to enhance natures innate healing properties. Sounds, specific hand positions and techniques, and shamanic elements effect the bio-electric and bio-magnetic fields to cleanse intra-psychic blocks and resistances to personal fulfillment.

A Loving Way Energy Cards
A Loving Way Energy Cards are designed to utilize the “Law of Attraction” in our everyday life in an easy to use “feeling good” way! They spark the remembrance of what we know very deeply within ourselves. You can pick one card and focus on that quality for the day, or you can spend a few minutes going through the entire deck of 41 cards, creating a meditation that will start and/or end your day with love, joy, connection, and the “Law of Attraction” in motion.

Play to Win
Play To Win – America is a 3-day immersive experiential training program designed to help people grow their business and investments far faster than they ever thought possible before. Unlike most courses and business seminars, where you sit down and take notes, when you join us at ‘Play To Win’ you fully participate in all the different business games and simulations. What that means is you learn faster and the learning stays with you.  This program is offered at NO CHARGE. It is our opportunity to choose those students whom we prefer to support in their business for the long term. rapid growth. These people are offered the opportunity to join our Lifetime Membership Program and be part of our growing Frontier Community.
Also please be sure to visit  Play to Win UK

We Keep Your BooksBookkeeping Services Who We Are Our team offers experience and attention. With more than 50 years combined experience our goal is to have you, the business owner, obtain the knowledge you need to grow your business and avoid some of the problems that can cause setbacks. What We Do We provide professional, affordable accounting for small to medium businesses. If you would like to spend more time doing the business you love and less time doing the chores you hate, hiring Bookkeeping Services is the right choice.