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Dream & Wishes

Dreams & Wishes

Make a list of every dream or wish that comes to mind.

No limits, no critiquing or judgment.

Places you’d like to visit, people you’d like to meet,

experiences you’d like to have.

Have fun and dream on!!!

This can be an ongoing list that you add to over time.  It is fun to do in a group with friends and you can get ideas from each other.  It’s ok to “borrow” from someone else’s list.

Be sure to include things you want to learn – a language, how to dance, gardening, painting, etc.  Places to visit might not be typical tourist attractions, but can also include places like, where your grandparents grew up, or where you had your first kiss.  People you would like to meet might be include famous people or even historical figures.  You can always “meet” them by reading a biography.


This is one of the exercises in The Knowledge Series workbook.

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