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Don’t Do It Alone!


Don’t do it alone!

“Coaching is a conversation, a dialogue, whereby the coach and the individual interact in a dynamic exchange to achieve goals, enhance performance and move the individual forward to greater success.”  ~ Zeus and Skiffington

 A couple of my clients have shared comments with me recently that inspired me to write this.  One said, “people don’t really understand what coaching is”.

Some people think that a coach yells at you or makes you do things you don’t want to do.

As your coach, I will certainly hold you accountable to take action and we will discuss what obstacles prevented you from taking a committed action.  And yes, I will encourage you to do things that you may not FEEL like doing, but that you agree will move you closer to you goal.

Recently I heard these completely unsolicited comments during our coaching sessions:-

“I knew I would get clear if I talked to you.” ~ Samantha

“You help ground me & get me back on track.” ~ Diane

“Since coaching with you I have gone from plodding to infinity!” ~ Joan

“You always have great insight and ideas about my life and career! ~ Monica

As your coach I am here to listen and hear what you are really saying, to help you get out of your own way and achieve the success you want and deserve and to be your unconditional support and biggest fan.

One client once told me that people would probably accuse her of drinking the Kool-aid®, but if they thought they could not afford coaching, they should know that they cannot afford NOT to have a coach.

Sometimes the cost of staying stuck or not changing is far more than the cost of coaching could ever be.

If your life is exactly the same in five years, as it is now, is that ok?

If not, and you

  • Have been stuck for a while;
  • Can’t seem to decide on a direction; or
  • Are tired of struggling to stay motivated and do it alone…….

Don’t do it alone, please contact me to talk about your options for coaching.

Email or call 408.859.7465.

If you aren’t ready for the commitment to Private Coaching, please consider joining one of our Group Coaching sessions.

Register now for classes starting next week.

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