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Decisive Part 1

Decisive – Part 1

I recently read Decisive – How to Make Better Choices in Life and Work by Chip & Dan Heath

The premise of the book is that even when we think we are making decisions based on logic, we aren’t. Our decisions are made from our gut with all our biases which we may not even be aware of. Even overconfidence can compel us to only seek information to justify our decision.

The book details lots of solutions to improve decision making both individually and with groups.

Some of the techniques I have personally used in the past couple of months

Emotional Distance – Most of us have probably made snap decisions when we were in an emotional state – high or low. And I am sure, like me, many of you have wished for a mulligan on some of those decisions. I, personally, do not believe in regrets and there are always lessons to be learned from past actions and decisions, but going forward, I think that gaining some emotional distance before making an important decision would be a good idea.

10-10-10 – How will you feel about your decision in 10 minutes, 10 months and 10 years? Recently, I had to make a decision and after allowing some Emotional Distance, I had an idea of what I would do. When I thought about it, I decided that in 10 minutes I would feel relieved – maybe just from having made the decision. In 10 months I would still be okay with that decision and in 10 years it would most likely be completely irrelevant.

Best friend – I am always telling people to be their own best friend and this technique is similar. What advice would you give your best friend when faced with the same decision you are struggling with? This one is quite interesting. Most people can be really clear on what someone else “should” do.

Ooch – Not Ouch, but Ooch – try a little something – put a toe in the water. You don’t have to go all in. You can take a small step and then evaluate.

One of the Villians of Decision Making –

Narrow Framing – Avoid Narrow Framing – We often look at decisions as this or that instead of this and that or a combination or hybrid solution. Expand your options.

I wrote about this in a blog post last year – Black, White & Grey.

Stay tuned for Decisive – Part 2 in my next newsletter.

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