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Black, White & Grey 2016

Black White and Grey

Black, White & Grey

This weekend here in the U.S.A. we are thinking Red, White & Blue. But I am going to encourage you to think Black, White and Grey. When we are feeling stuck or looking for a solution, we often think that there are only two choices – e.g. Black or White.

I can do this or that. I can stay in my job or start a business. I can get my degree or not. I can go for a run or not exercise at all.

OK, but how about the middle ground? The grey area in between black and white? How about starting a business part time, something you are passionate about that can build and then you decide if you want to keep your job. Starting a business doesn’t mean you ever have to leave your job, if you don’t want to. Or maybe you have a business that is really a hobby that makes you a bit of money.

How about taking a few classes and then deciding if you want to go for more and get your degree or certification of some kind. Don’t feel like going for a run today? Go for a walk instead or just do some pushups or jump rope.

Get creative. Think outside of the Black & White box. Create your own grey area.

I frequently tell my clients –

You do not have to decide the rest of your life today!!

What are your Black & White challenges that need to find some Grey areas?

Share your comments below.

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