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Back To School

September was always back to school time when I was a kid – the day after Labor Day. Nowadays some go back earlier and some later, but I wanted to take you back to those early schooldays.  Do you remember?  What did you want to be when you grew up? Teacher?  Doctor?  Fireman? President of the United States?

 Remember that feeling of infinite possibilities?  Believing that you could Be, Do or Have anything you wanted?

 Guess what?  That is still true for you?  What we believe leads to our Thoughts.  Our Thoughts lead to our Feelings.  Our Feelings lead to our Actions or sometimes, in-actions.  Our Actions lead to our Results and our Results typically feed back into confirm our initial Beliefs.

 For instance, if you believe you are too young or too old or not educated enough to accomplish something, you will think that is true, feel badly about it, not take any action, therefore not get the results and you will confirm that belief, yes, you must be too young, old or uneducated to accomplish your dream.

 Whether you think you can or 

whether you think you can’t,

  you’re right! 

~ Henry Ford

Start believing that kid that is still there inside you – that anything is possible.  Change your Thinking.  Change your Feelings.  Get into Action. And get the Results.  Then you will truly Believe.



What will you believe about yourself today?


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