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Are you worth it?

Are you worth an hour a week?  Did you spend an hour this week on your personal, business or career development?  If not, why not?


I recently signed up for a series of journaling classes


with Ann Hawkins


I’ve attended two so far and they’ve been great.  It has been a long time since I’ve done something like that.


Even though I journal regularly, almost every day, I rarely sit and journal for two hours at one sitting.  It felt great and the opportunity to share with other women.  I am always open to learning more about journaling from others.


I also following the Journal Junky on Facebook!/pages/Journal-Junky/312855846151


If you or anyone you know, is doing anything to promote the benefits of journaling, please feel free to post a comment.


One of the reasons people have benefited from  the Journaling Jems™ tele-courses is the accountability factor.  You get to spend an hour a week on your own personal, business or professional development.  Because you know you will be chatting about that week’s journaling assignments, you are more likely to actually commit the time to do them.  And you get the benefit of sharing with others and learning from the wisdom in the group.


I am so passionate about teaching people how to use journaling productively.  It is a simple tool that is literally at the end of your fingers.


Here are some of the comments from past participants:-


 “Judy’s Journaling Jenius business telecourse was awesome! Very helpful, and learning more about the benefits to journaling – anyone can do it! Thanks Judy, for your encouragement and coaching! I highly recommend her telecourses.” ~ Margie Remelman


“My mother was an avid journalist during most of my early adult life and was always giving me empty journals to write in. When I went through a difficult time in my life I started to fill up those pretty books with thoughts and frustrations. When I won a raffle prize to attend one of Judy’s courses it was great to get back to journaling and now I’m getting better and better at seeing my hopes and dreams coming together with the power of the pen. Thanks Judy for getting me back to seeing the written word as a powerful tool for working towards my big dream of retirement in the near future. Your 13 week tele-class was a great way to deal with some tough issues in my Wine business and get myself out of my own way.”  ~ Meredith Yost


“I found Judy’s “Journaling for the Business Professional” an awesome

experience.  I have always considered myself creative, but after

completing this 13-week telecourse, Judy has unlocked the creative Jenius

in me.  Her exercises create a healthy thought process which helped to

put into perspective certain fears that came up while runing my business.

 By taking her 13 week telecourse, my monthly revenue has gone up, I have

been successful (and confident) in building a team, and increased the

ways in which I get my name and product out there.  The collaborative way

in which she runs her hour long sessions are beneficial to all types of

businesses.  I drew ideas from people who were not even in direct sales.

Thanks, Judy for all the insights and challenges!” ~Kristin Stonehouse


Follow the link below to find out more, download a free webinar and free sample workbooks.  New courses start on Tuesday, June 7th, 2011.  So you still have time to register and get your homework completed!!


Register today for just $47 – use Discount Code – Facebook.


That’s less than $4 per week.  Are you worth it? Of course you are!!!


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